Skyper 320

  • Posted on: 18 May 2015
  • By: BB composite

SKAYPER is a short-range unmanned aerial vehicle (SR UAV).  Designing and manufacturing was done by our company. The company’s team of professionals conducted the equipping, and testing. It is designed to take off from a runway or using a catapult launcher. SKYPER has around 700 hours of test flight and service flight (video recording).

The specifications are listed below
Wing span,Lenght 3,2m 2.2m
MTOMass,NetMass 25kg 12kg
Max,cruise speed 150km/h 100km/h
Max,OP alitude 1500m 1000m
Engine power 3KW 60ccm
Endurance   3+h  
Range 30 km  
Payload TV/IR/LRF  

Skyper UAV fuselage in development Skyper UAV main wing in development
Skyper UAV in flight mode Skyper UAV in flight mode