• Posted on: 28 May 2015
  • By: BB composite
Sparrow UAV

SPARROW is an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV).  It was designed to meet the needs of the Serbian Military and it was designed by the Military Technical Institute of Belgrade.  The UAV is entirely made out of composite material.  Manufacturing, equipping, and testing was conducted by a team of professionals from our company.  It is designed for hand-launches and parachute landings.

The specifications are listed below
MTOMass,NetMass   9kg 5,5kg
Max,cruise speed  90km/h   61km/h
Max,OP alitude 500m  300m
Engine power  800W   
Endurance   1+h  
Range  15 km  
Payload    TV or IR  


Sparrow main wing
Sparrow main spar in two peaces
Sparrow's main wingSparrow in the box
Sparrow with parachute system